Sigal Meirovitch

Protein Program Manager, Equinom

Sigal brought more than 10 years of R&D experience with her when she joined Equinom in 2016 and is passionate about bringing innovation in protein to the food industry. She has worked in protein expression and purification, and in biopolymer product development for companies the world over and holds five international patents in those fields.  She has a PhD in biotechnology, with a focus on material science and protein engineering.

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Power to the plants.  Designing the raw materials for future foods

Technology seed breeding company Equinom is using computational breeding technology to maximize the protein content of legumes.  Its aim is to provide the food industry with raw materials that is designed to the specifications for a new generation of high protein foods.  Since its foundation in 2012, the company has developed non-GMO peas and other legumes with 50% more protein. Equinom has also created a revolutionary sesame seed that can be harvested mechanically, making it viable as a global crop for the first time.  With the plant protein industry set to grow by 60% by 2025, Equinom is driving the cost of alternative plant protein down, making it more accessible to mass markets.  Sigal’s presentation describes a world in which breeding solves product development issues at the seed.

  • Open sesame – how breeding opened the sesame market to worldwide production
  • Protein and the pea – using computational, multi-trait breeding technology to boost protein content in legumes and address market needs
  • It starts with the seed – how Equinom is collaborating with the food industry at the raw material level
  • Just try it – how the food industry can experiment today with Equinom’s high protein flour while creating the new foods of the future