Mark Rainey

Chief Marketing Officer, ADM

Mark oversees marketing, marketing research, consumer science marketing, and sensory science marketing development for the Archer Daniels Midland Company, one of the world’s premier agribusinesses.  With his team he helps new food start-ups and multi-national brands alike to create new food, beverage and snacking experiences, supported by one of the industry’s broadest and most on-trend ingredient portfolios.

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Faster food and the time starved developer:  How AI and IoT are changing innovation and go-to-market strategies for plant based proteins

An accelerating pace of change is revolutionising the food industry, expanding the array of plant-based protein options.  The consumer’s appetite for exciting and varied products is growing equally fast, as is their demand for reliable, objective and timely information about their protein choices.  Meanwhile, the availability of consumer data has been growing exponentially and is becoming more complex as their demands become more segmented. The food developer has more information at their fingertips and all the motivation they need to innovate, but they’re struggling to keep up on both fronts.  Enter artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Informed innovation – why AI and the IoT alone aren’t enough
  • Protein selection – how AI, the IoT and a human touch can enable on-trend, faster food innovation
  • Navigating the abundance of data – how actively listening to and hearing (understanding) consumers, ingredient selection and innovation (finding the best) can be accelerated.