Malachy Mitchell

Managing Director, Farrelly & Mitchell Business Consultants Limited

Malachy has been helping European food and agribusinesses to penetrate Middle Eastern markets for more than eight years from offices in Europe and in the Gulf.  He has rich expertise within a wide range of food and agriculture sectors, including poultry processing, milk policy, potato marketing and consumer foods. He has developed and executed numerous market entry and expansion strategies for corporate and government clients, including M&A and business restructure.  Before founding Farrelly & Mitchell in 2009, he held senior management and policy roles with the Kerry Group, Carton Bros. and the Irish Farmers’ Association.

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Meat and dairy exports to the Middle East – how to make your mark in a market on the move

The oil-rich countries of the Gulf represent some of the world’s wealthiest and fastest growing consumer markets, and today represent a greater opportunity than ever for exporters of meat and dairy-based proteins.  A growing, affluent and youthful demographic; coupled with political reforms aimed economic diversification mean these markets are hungry for protein and open for business like never before.  Sure, there are cultural challenges to overcome but, as Malachy’s presentation makes clear, the size of the prize makes the effort worthwhile.  He’ll explain how you can succeed in the Middle East whether you want to export products or build a business.

  • Follow the money – an introduction to the Gulf’s rich economies and affluent demographic
  • Tune into the culture – how to show commitment in a market where business is still done face-to-face
  • Understand the demand – the dominance of halal and the growing appetite for animal proteins
  • Consider your options – how economic reform is creating an open door for in-country partnerships and joint ventures