Klaus Arntz

Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer, Wessanen

Klaus joined Wessanen in 2011 and is part of the leadership team that has made it a European leader for healthy, sustainable organic food.  He previously spent 20 years in international marketing and management at Unilever, where successes included the launch of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty in 2004, rated as one of the 15 best campaigns of the 21st century by Advertising Age.

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The role of protein in a company focused on organic food

Protein has been a key trend in nutrition for many years, but how does consumers’ perception of its nutritional value match the reality, and what is the impact of organic?  Klaus takes a close look at protein’s evolving future across a broad range of food categories, and considers how the strict regulatory framework surrounding organic food will impact the development of protein related innovation.

  • The truth about protein – facts, fiction and consumer perceptions
  • The power to create – the role for protein in innovation across multiple food categories
  • The organic opportunity – leveraging protein in organic foods