Harry Barraza

Senior Manager of Open Innovation, Arla Foods

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Desirable dairy – how innovation and agility drive sustainability at Arla

As one of the world’s leading dairy companies, Arla is committed to sustainability and innovation. As a big player in the Danish Food Cluster, a partnership between Danish food companies, universities and government, Arla is spearheading the development of a circular economy that protects the environment while benefiting Arla, its customers and its milk producers. Sven’s presentation will highlight progress so far, and investigate the links between sustainability and innovation being developed by Arla and other Danish food businesses.

• Creating a circular economy – sustainable production of high quality foods
• Food for health – unlocking the health and wellbeing benefits of dairy
• Efficient and agile – from food design to intelligent automation and big data
• Collaboration and interaction – how the Danish food cluster has accelerated Arla’s progress