Emma Stevenson

Professor of Sport and Exercise Science, Newcastle University

Emma has led the Protein for Life project since its inception.  She is also a Principal Investigator in the Human Nutrition Research Centre at Newcastle University and co-leader of the Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism Research theme in the University’s Institute of Cellular Medicine.  In addition she leads developments in sport and exercise science in the Medical Faculty, including a new BSc in the discipline, which launched in September 2017.  Her research is chiefly focused on the effects of exercise and nutrition on the human metabolism and nutritional interventions that influence appetite regulation and postprandial metabolism.

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Protein for life:  Towards a focused dietary framework for healthy ageing

With the world’s population growing older ‘ageing well’ has been highlighted as a major public health priority by the World Health Organisation.  A fundamental problem is that large proportions of older people fail to achieve their recommended daily allowance for protein consumption, with severe health impacts.  Emma reveals findings from Protein for Life – a multi-disciplinary research project that’s focused on creating intelligence to support reformulation and new product development for ageing consumers.

  • Just not getting enough – why older people fail to consume enough protein and the health problems that leads to
  • Not enough out there – revealing a gap in high protein mainstream products aimed at ageing consumers
  • Healthy ageing, healthy business – how Protein for Life will help industry bring new products to market
  • First insights for product development