Catherine Lefranc-Millot

Senior Nutrition & Health R&D Manager, Roquette

Catherine qualified as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (from the National Veterinary School, Maisons-Alfort, France) and later obtained a French PhD in Biotechnology (from the University of Technology, Compiègne, France).

She joined Roquette in 2005 as a Corporate Scientific Communications Manager for Nutrition and Health (R&D). Prior to working for Roquette, she managed a research team in a French dairy company, working in the area of milk peptides, proteins and hydrolysates with specific biological activities, compatible with food and nutraceutical applications. Since 2016, she has been employed as a Senior Research Manager Nutrition and Health at Roquette, more specifically focused on long-term, prospective research, around plant-based proteins and their derivatives.

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PANEL SESSION: Protein performance – What does emerging science show for protein’s health benefits?