Atze Jan van der Goot

Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences, Wageningen University & Research

Prof. Dr. Atze Jan van der Goot trained as chemical engineer at Groningen University, The Netherlands. After completion of his PhD, he had worked Unilever Research as research scientist for three years. Then, he joined  the Food Process Engineering Group  of Wageningen University, The Netherlands in 1999. Currently, he leads a research team that focusses on the development of novel processing concepts for healthy and sustainable foods Besides, he is the scientific leader of the Plant Meat Matters research program, which aims at the development of the next generation meat analogues. He (co-) authored 120 peer reviewed papers and 6 patents.

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Plant Power! From traditional crops to ‘alt’ proteins

As desire for protein peaks, many consumers are shifting their diets to incorporate more plant-based options. We drill down on new plant protein sources and innovation drivers to forecast future trends in the plant protein space.